Some thoughts about the problem of metering in a multi occupancy building.

In a single user dwelling the metering is simple, but what of a building where there are many users, each with their own meter, but only one roof? The strata / multi owner model that is so popular in Canada.  In this case let’s assume that the strata has decided to install PV panels on the roof, with each member paying for one panel.

Since it will not be practical to wire each individual panel to each individual meter, it stands to reason that all the PV Panels will be wired to a single meter supplying the strata/common parts.

These panels will be generating far in excess of the strata’s normal needs (common parts lights etc) so will build up a substantial credit. But how will that be passed to the individuals?  FortisBC are saying that the Net Metering scheme is not designed to show excess generation and that any excess will only be compensated at BC Hydro RS 3808 Tranche 1 rate (currently 4.303 cents per kWh), which presumably will be shared as a reduction on the individual strata members annual strata bills.

Has anyone any experience of this and how is working? It would seem that in this case the full tier 1 rate, currently 9.845¢ per kWh should be credited, but I doubt that to be the case.